Does Nop Commerce support B2B2C platform like Amazon or Ebay?

6 months ago
Hi guys:

We have a B2C system now based on Nop Commerce 2.5 (I don't remember...I read the version from NopVersion.cs, is it right?)

Main workflow of the system are:

1.We collect all products information from stores and list them in our system.
2.Customers select what products they want and pay for them to us.
3.We collect all the orders of each store and pay them monthly.
4.Stores deliver products to customers.

Currently we plan to change the workflow and add some new features similar to B2B2C, what we want are:

1.We can add stores in the system, each store has its own billing account.
2.We list all the products in our system.
3.Customers select what products they want and pay for them directly to the stores.
4.Stores deliver products to customers
5.Customers don't need to see the stores, they can select what products they want as before.
6.The only difference is customers pay directly to the stores, not us.

Does Nop Commerce support this feature?We can upgrade to the newest version.

I see there're two possible features of the newest Nop Commerce which are "multiple stores" and "multiple vendors", but from their descriptions I doubt if they are helpful to our requirement.

Does anyone knows this?
Thanks a lot!
6 months ago
Basically you need  a market place.  Multi Vendor Feature shall work for you.

But Payments don't go to the store directly. It comes to the market place and market place makes the payments to the vendor on a frequency basis (generally monthly).

Rest of the features mentioned above are the exact features of multi-vendor.
5 months ago
We need a similar solution. My idea is to modify the payment module/plugin so that immediately after payment is received in OUR bank account, payment is forwarded to each vendor (substracting commission).

This would require an invisible "post"-transaction in the background. Do you think this would work?
5 months ago
You would have to check with your bank if they have an API to allow you to do payments which is unlikely. So there will no automatic way to send the money from your bank to the vendor via a plugin.
Most likely a manual entry in online backing will be required or some banks allows an upload via an accounting package payments system.
5 months ago
Even if some manual confirmation of the payment-forwarding is required, do you think that this workflow would work, similar to Amazon or Etsy?

In a new marketplace where trust between our Store and the vendors is yet to be established, I guess some vendors will be hesitant to ship their products until payment is received. However, if payment is just delayed (let's say 1-24 hours), the suggested payment and shipping model could work.

What do you think?
5 months ago
Although   not a " confirmation of the payment-forwarding", consider that message template OrderPaid.VendorNotification (rather than OrderPlaced.VendorNotification), at least indicates that you got paid  (and hopefully they trust you to forward payment ;)

Also, consider that you may be taking out a commission/fee when you forward the payment, so some API would have to know how much payment to actually forward.