Bestsellers, Also purchased, etc. don't work with grouped products

3 months ago
Hi Andrei,
as described, there's a lack in tje logic used by NopCommerce with Best sellers, Also purchased, etc. product extraction.
NopCommerce analyses ONLY single products, and don't consider that grouped product are outside
all flows. What i mean is simple: GROUPED PRODUCTS cannot be sold, you sell their VARIANTS This means that if I want to search “Also purchased” starting from a grouped product, I won’t see nothing. Instead I need to rank “Also purchased” of related variants and then return grouped products of these variants.
Is it possible to fix this bug?
3 months ago
It's by design. You can mark such products as "Visible individually" and they will be displayed in the appropriate sections (see related issues here  and here ).
To display exactly grouped products, you can customize the solution.