Theme structure changes from 4.0

8 months ago
Hi, I've been designing themes from versions up to 3.9 and I'm seeing that from 4.0 the theme has some new elements, like components folder, is there any documentation about this changes, I've been looking but I didn't find anything.

Thank you!
3 months ago
Latest update information is updated by Nop Team

It does not show any "Component" folder or any other major change in structure.
Let us know, what exactly was the issue you were facing and we might be able to assist. Thanks
1 month ago
You can not use nopcommerce3.8 or 3.9 theme directly at nopcommerce4.0 as the folder structure changes and some view  also moved and theme.config change to theme.json.

Now if you want to update the current theme for the nopcommerce4.0 it will be good to see the folder structure and view of default clean nopcommerce4.0 and update accordingly.