CPU Utilization reached 100%

1 month ago
I have nopcommerce 3.80 based  website and mobile app that integrate using sevenspikes api plugin.
Due to covid-19 customer rush to place the order at same time. so that cpu utilization reached 100% and leads to the following problem.
1) Order getting split and received duplicate orders
2) Received orders with out items.

Could you please help to short out the issues?
My server config:  windows 2012 R2 standard, 64 bit
Ram: 64 GB
Processor: Intel Xenon 2.30 Ghz
1 month ago
Well really if the server is running that hard then clearly there is a need for an increase in resources. Was this just for that peak or is the server continually running at high usage. If it is the later then the only solution is to increase the resources on the server. As to specific issues with v3.8 then this is an old version and any issues or problems that may have existed been fixed or upgraded in later versions.

Generally every version over the last 10 years works just as intended. It is only at times like you have suggested there can be issues, probably more with the server resources, operating system or SQL Server rather than the solution.

Unless you have some specific error messages from the various logs that can be looked at, then best guess is that you need to more resources on your server, or a way to scale them up when peaks occur.
1 month ago
we have particular time(2 PM) to open the sales for every day. On that time only we have this problem. Initially we have 8 GB ram, due to this problem increased to 16 GB and so now having 64 GB. but the same problem persists again.  Rest of the time application working as normal without any problem.
please find the attachment taken from utilization monitoring

At this time application working very slowly/blocked that is usual. but order duplication, order split up is quite unusual. In order placing request, move the data from shopping cart to order item table.
I guess on that time some problem occurs due to utilization and order getting split up by items and getting placed two and more orders. really hard to reproduce and resolve this issue from the beginning of covid-19.