external authentication

3 months ago
I am interested to integrate nopcommerce with one external authentication, At present, I have one application with the users and password security authentication model. Please see these websites:

I have two types of users (affiliates and not affiliates) Only affiliates can enter to my transactional website.

I want  to implemet one ecommerce with nopcommerce  to affiliates and not affiliates users .

I want to customize the register and login pages of the nocommerce website.

The no affiliate can register and authenticate in the nopcomerce website but I want to allow to affiliates can Use  external authentication to enter to the nopcommerce shop,  Something similar to this website: https://tiendavirtual.coopetraban.com.co/?tab=all&page=1 or https://sucursal.coopemsura.com.co/seguridad/paginas/login.aspx
I have the authentication  RESTful API developed.
I want one plugin that I can use in all my projects
I want one quote for that project.

my email is: [email protected]
3 months ago

I'd Glad to assist you.
Email Sent, Please Check.

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Carter W
3 months ago

I didn't get any update from you then.

I request you to kindly check my email and response.

Awaiting your response.

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Email : [email protected]