Hi! we have scenerio:
1. Product for example: Whisky bottle with a stock
2. Product have "attribute": Pack as a gift? If yes cost is + 5$.

But we have situation, where Client can add 4 x Whisky Bottle and here should have decision, to choose:
Variant 1: Pack all 4 Whisky Bottle as a "gift" (actual this solution is supported). He pay 4 x WHisky bottle + 5$ for a gift packaging.
Variant 2: he bought 4 products, but only 3 want pack like a gift and one not (product for him). He should pack 5$ for packaging. (supported (?) Client can add 3 products with checked attribute package like a gift, and one without this... but i think it's hard to describe).
Variant 3: He bought 4 products and want pack only 3 like a gift (3 different persons), but all seperated (so attributed value should increase 3 x 5 $). Not supported.

Is it possible to set in nopcommerce?