Product Designer

1 year ago
I think it's time for Nopcommerce to add the Product Designer to its features.  Ecommerce is big and ecommerce platforms like shopify and woocommerce and others all support a product designer.  Nopcommerce needs that as the next big step in it's development
1 week ago
Totally agree.
I had to implement Zakeke on my website, developing the integration with it's API. It's a good product, overall. The bad part is the monthly fees (€39.99 in my case) plus 1.9% transaction fees. Because of those high prices, I'd be glad to replace it for a cheaper solution.

@mayur5 suggests Nopcommerce developing this as a feature to the platform. I believe at least a PlugIn (a reasonably priced one) would be a great advancement.
1 week ago
Thanks for the suggestion. This has been discussed several times before, we are still leaving it for customization. And, you are right, this is a good idea for a plugin, perhaps someone from our vendors is ready to develop it.