nopCommerce 4.30 RC is available. Please share your impressions

4 months ago
Dear nopCommerce community!

The official release of nopCommerce 4.30 will take place in two weeks. Before that, we invite everyone to join testing of nopCommerce 4.30 Release Candidate (RC), share the feedback and suggestions. We’re incredibly grateful to all the users who have been trying out the BETA version of nopCommerce 4.30 and have been giving us feedback every step of the way.

This version has many new features to look forward to and we can't wait to hear what you think of it. Here are the main changes in the upcoming version:
•  Significant performance enhancement. We revised nopCommerce caching system and moved away from Entity Framework. And now we can say that this new upcoming release will be the fastest version of nopCommerce ever!
•  Upgrade to .NET Core 3.1. We always use the cutting-edge and latest technologies. Due to this, nopCommerce 4.30 will have higher performance and security level.
•  MySQL support. You can use nopCommerce with MySQL. One of the most demanded features is now available out of the box.
•  Facebook Pixel. Use the Facebook pixel plugin to track your website visitors' actions, optimize ads, build targeted audiences, and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.

You can find the full release notes here.

In order to download nopCommerce 4.30 RC please use the following links:
RC 4.30 - Source code (download this package if you are a web developer planning to customize nopCommerce.)
RC 4.30 - No source code (download this package if you want to quickly deploy your site to a web server.)
Upgrade script from 4.20 (download this package to upgrade an existing installation to a newer version)

We'd love if developers could get involved with testing to find any issues which will need fixing before the final release. Please share your thought after testing in this forum topic. Please also learn more about our testing program here (earn $10 for each reported bug). Thank you!
4 months ago
Congratulations NopCommerce team. 4.30 will be the best NopCommerce edition ever.

Great choice to move away from EF
4 months ago
4 months ago
This is great news. NopCommerce 4.30 is absolutely faster and more manageable. Code is more perfect than before and you guys have did the right thing with EF and database layer changes.

We have been monitoring it since it started in development and we would like to thank all active users who contributed on GitHub repo.

Thank you,
4 months ago
Congratulation nopCommerce team !! Great job !!
4 months ago
Amazing Edition.
4 months ago
Many thanks for the great work. I'm looking forward to getting the site live ASAP.
My initial observation has given an unexpected result.  I replaced the beta code that I had published from VS with the RC 4.30 - No source code instance, copied over images and added the  datasettings.json file, altered file permission to grant iis AppPool then relaunched. All is working but very slow. Could be a caching issue (beta cached but RC not as yet) but I just wondered if anyone can suggest if caching isn't the case what else might be causing the slow down?
4 months ago
Sweeeet, am in the process of building a 4.20 API Plugin to handle some inventory migration, i'll love to test this as it will great to get some blazing speed and tests on all the Services for you guys.

Looking forward to this!
4 months ago
do you have an installation manual for 4.3 on linux with mysql

thank you
4 months ago
Congratulation nopCommerce team!!!

We will try it out soon.