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1 month ago
o  I want to customize nopcommerce to be able to do the following in summary:
  User open the app, he see his location on the map and can search for location then he confirm it.
  Then categories appears like supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.. in an elegant way and within 2 conditions:
•   If there is a category have stores within the radius circle of the user location (example within 50km)
•  If the store can deliver to the to the user’s location
  User select a category and the stores appears with basic info about them.
  User click a store and it’s categories appears, and he can browse category, add to cart, and other functionalities of nopcommerce(cart, Wishlist, shipping, payment, tracking, confirmation of order)
  Each store have control panel access to manage its categories/products/customers/orders
o  This is the general idea of the customizations needed.
o  A button in the menu for allow registering of new store and he have to pay and admin approval
o  Detailed specs will be shared later after the approval from your side that you are able to di it and basic quotation for time/money needed and payment terms.
1 month ago
Let me evaluate and will send you quotation.
[email protected]
1 month ago

Thank you for your Mail. We are analyzing, mail you the Quotation by today.

1 month ago
Hi there,
I can help you. PM sent, please check.

Best Regards.