Add custom content to Product edit page in Nopcommerce 4.3

8 months ago
I will like to add a few things to the admin product edit page from  my plugin.

This used to be possible with AdminTabStripCreated, but i am not sure things still work the same in nopcommerce 4.30.

Please how do i add a new block or widget to the Product edit page in Nopcommerce 4.3?
8 months ago
Yes Admin Tabs are not used in 4.3
There is a widget "AdminWidgetZones.ProductDetailsBlock" on the product edit page
Have a look at src\Presentation\Nop.Web\Areas\Admin\Views\Product\_CreateOrUpdate.cshtml

Or you could override the existing view and add the new page content
Alternatively add a new option in the menu that adds a new page that allows the user to select a product and add the custom content
8 months ago
That worked
1 month ago
Can you share some instructions on how to do that ?