SSL Warning on shopping cart page

11 years ago
SSL has been succssfully installed on my domain (not a shared certficiate). But when I go to the shopping cart page, I get the following warning message from IE:

[quote][color=darkred]    Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?[/color][/quote]

Upon reviewing the HTML, the product image and thumbnail is referring to the non-SSL URL of the site. Anyone have a fix for this issue? Thanks!
11 years ago
I'm thinking that if the checkout page uses relative path instead of absolute path, then it would resolve this issue. But is there a config option for this? I can try to start hacking at the source code, but I don't want to break compatibility with future versions.

Is anyone using SSL having this same message?
11 years ago
My users are antsy about this fix so I went in and started hacking away. This change is not perfect, but it solves the problem for now (i.e., the warning went away). The new problem is that the picture URL is always using the SSL version, even if it's not on the checkout pages.

Dev team: can you please consider including a fix in the next release?

File: Libraries\Nop.Common\Media\PictureManager.cs
Line Number: 290

url = CommonHelper.GetStoreLocation(false+ "images/thumbs/" + localFilename;

url = CommonHelper.GetStoreLocation(SettingManager.GetSettingValueBoolean("Common.UseSSL")) + "images/thumbs/" + localFilename;