SchemaMigration and nop 4.30 - several questions?

7 months ago
Yidna wrote:
Is there some documentation that best details how this migration stuff works  ?
Can you explain "2020/06/23 09:57:00:2551771" what does this mean

You can find more details about the nopCommerce migrations system in our documentation here.
This DateTime tick is needed to generate the migration Id. For more info about Fluentmigrator features, you can find in their documentation
7 months ago
>The code from nop team wroks.
The code from nop team works.
7 months ago
It would be handy to have plugin framework  to give the administrator the  choice whether to create/drop related db objects/data when installing/uninstalling plugin. sometimes you want to lose the plugin but not the config/data
3 months ago
Recently I updated our store from nopCommerce 4.10 to 4.30
I tried to install Facebook Pixel plugin on our site but SQL table "FacebookPixelConfiguration" is not created even plugin is installed.
Error = SqlException: Invalid object name 'FacebookPixelConfiguration'.
We have several custom plugins & I shared my "MigrationVersionInfo" table.

Can someone help me to understand why migration process skipped table creation ? How to solve such issues?  
Migration schema for Facebook pixel
[NopMigration("2020/03/25 12:00:00", "Widgets.FacebookPixel base schema")]