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11 years ago

First of all: I really like nopCommerce. It was easy to set up a shop, and fill it with the appropriate data.

However, I am finding it quite difficult to integrate the payment process. I have a business paypal account, and want to use direct payment. It says in the configuration panel that I need to set the shop's primary currency to USD. Why is that?

I am using a paypal business account, when I try to make a small payment into that account I get an API error, I know for sure that my credentials are correct. I am testing it without the sandbox because I want to make sure the 'live' payment is working correctly (a successfull sandbox test does not ensure it will work live :))

And also: when you go through all the payment steps, and you press confirm, you can get an error for instance that you haven't entered a correct state for the billing address. This validation is too late in my opinion, seeing that you have gone through all the other steps before.

Am i overlooking some possibillities here? Just let me now :)
Thanks in advance

By the way:
LongMessage: Security header is not valid ShortMessage: Security error ErrorCode: 10002
is the error I am getting when I use direct payment.
11 years ago
This may help you...

"The "live" PayPal system and the "sandbox" PayPal System seem to have two different, not-interchangeable API certificates. When using the sandbox endpoint one needs to have the sandbox API certificate, obtained from sandbox.paypal.com and/or developer.paypal.com. When using the real or "live" endpoint one needs to have the real API certificate, obtained from www.paypal.com. After changing to the proper API certificate the "Security header is not valid (10002)" error message did not re-occur and the problem was solved. "

From: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=286358

11 years ago
Hello Andrew

thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this doesn't help me. I am able to download a certificate from paypal, but how do i integrate this in the nopcommerce payment method configuration?

with kind regards