What is karma? How is it calculated?

10 years ago
The idea of karma was borrowed from umbraco (another very good open-source solution) and stackoverflow

Karma (reputation) is used to determine how much a user participates within the community. To gain karma, post good questions and useful answers. Your peers will vote on your posts, and those votes will cause you to gain (or, in rare cases, lose) karma:

1. Topic is created. +5 points
2. Post is created. +5 points
3. Your post is voted up. +10 points
4. Your post is voted down. -2 points
5. Contribute a new free extension or language pack. +200 points (after it's approved). Find more info here

A maximum of 30 votes can be cast per user per day, and you can earn a maximum of 200 karma per day (although karma for becoming community sponsor is immune to this limit).

nopCommerce MVPs (most valuable person) nominations will be partially based on Karma points. You can see the list of best rated members at the bottom of this page. Also please find all nopCommerce MVPs (Most Valuable Person) here
10 years ago
Almost 9 - 10 months before, I proposed this idea for the first time in this forum to nop TEAM - To start a point system to reward all the member and to make forum more user-friendly.  





This feature will reward all the community members who contribute in this forum by helping nop users. I wonder on what bases nop MVP was awarded in past to many members here (which made it a biased way) (feels sorry for members who spend lot of their time for helping nop users but never received any kind of appreciation)

Finally, this reward system is here - looks great.

Thank you nop Team...
10 years ago
Yeah, I remember these suggestion.

Karma is not set to 0. See my P.P.S. above: "please wait some time until karma is recalculated (can take up to an hour)". nopCommerce forums has about 8,000 topics and 33,000 posts. That's why it can take up to an hour. So the karma of all the previous topic/post authors will be increased very soon.
10 years ago
Thank You......


Any thoughts on how "TEAM MEMBER" logo is assigned/awarded to forum members here ?

According to this page there are only 4 existing team members https://www.nopcommerce.com/teammembers.aspx

But seems like Team Member Logo has been assigned to few other members too in this forum.


1) How to become a Team Member ?
2) Still nopMVP logo is not assigned to users based on the karma points ? Is it going to take some time or criteria for nopMVP is different from what's mentioned above ?
10 years ago
'Team member' logo is assigned in admin area. It's assigned to developers who work on the official releases. Currently there're 7 team members. Not all them commit source code, but participate in discussions on our private forums.

Team members page doesn't contain information about all team members because some of them didn't yet provide it.
10 years ago
Great move, I'm quite active in the Umbraco community and the things people do to get more karma is excellent for the community.  

If we can get this forum as active with people wanting to help and answer posts as the Umbraco forum, then the future will be very bright.
10 years ago
Yes indeed it's a great move - This point system was initially started by asp.net forum and today on asp.net forum 529,515 users have contributed to 2,325,716 threads and 3,088,946 posts.

I am an active participant / contributor on asp.net forum and love this point system.

Andrei - Just want to remind you about the other idea that I suggested few months before "Forum Statistics" https://www.nopcommerce.com/boards/t/7531/adding-forum-statistics.aspx
10 years ago
Andrei, I have one more suggestion for this karma point system

You can add one more point like this:

6. Vote for a post. +2 points

Adding this point (or feature) will encourage forum members to vote for useful posts (or answers). If this point is not being added in the karma point system then there might be a chance that in order to remain ahead in karma point system, few members don't vote for any post even if it is useful or answers the question (which will affect the nop user who is coming for the first time on the forum in search of an answer) - This voting system is very important because it can be used to mark the post as answer to the question by voting for it.
10 years ago
Hope not. Using that scenario would leave it open to abuse as there are some that would vote just to get more points.
10 years ago
I just made an SEO enhancement to nopCommerce 1.8! Now, images are named using product, category, manufacturer names by default, but you can also specify your own file names if you like within the admin section. I've released the changes to my site SkateMob.net. Also, notice how I added the ability to set a Title Prefix and/or Title Suffix!!

Andrei, how do I go about adding these SEO enhancements to nopCommerce? And, do I get good Karma points for it??

Thanks, Bruce