Sales Rep Plugin Needed

2 months ago

I have looked at vendor expansions and affiliate type plugins, but none really fit out needs. Here's our current requirements:

1. A sales person portal that allows them to have limited backend access where they can see their sales and customers.
2. Allow a sales person to impersonate a customer so an order can be placed on their behalf
3. Report for the admin and sales person to get monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, etc sales reports by sales person so we can distribute commissions, see what commissions were paid, etc.
4. Ability to mark a commission paid for a sale (which is noted in both the sales person and admin reports)
5. Ability to assign a customer to a sales person so whenever that customer places an order the sales person will get a commission. This should be done without the need of coupon codes or special URLs.

These are the broad stroke requirements. If anyone can help with this, please let me know and we can hammer out specifics.

2 months ago
Hello sir!
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I think I can help you.

Please reach me out at [email protected] or skype me at live: luis_18439.

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2 months ago
Hello Kevin,

Kindly check your private message for same.