Vendor Payment

4 months ago
we own a multi-vendor store, so we need to manage payment system (paypal or stripe) for each vendor.


- store is NOT multitenant... ONE store, many vendors
- each vendor has already own shipment system
- cart is LOCKED to first vendor product customer added (one cart = one vendor)

So, we need to manage payment system for each vendor, managing account settings.

On order, customer select payment option (paypal, for example), so system had to set correct transaction to portal payment.
4 months ago
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1 month ago
Hello Sir/Madam,

We have designed something similar in Nop 4.3 for one of our Projects.

But it is way complex and requires major changes in Nop.

Example: By Default Nop framework supports Multiple Payment Gateways
BUT, it doesn't provide option, to use same Payment method to be configured with different accounts.

Thus, this option, opens up lot of questions and scenarios, when we actually implemented it.
Even something as simple as combination of Reward Points, Discounts and Payment and Taxes, is more complicated than it looks.

Easy option is to take payments on behalf of Vendor and then Give it to them as commission, is legally very easy and safest option.
But if you are directly giving Payment in different gateways and accounts... then Taxes, Discounts, Reward Points, and legal compliance (GDPR) becomes more challenging.

We have expertise with this, and if you still like to pursue this, we are just a call away.
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