GoDaddy install

11 months ago
Hey there,

im doing a clean install of nopcommerce on godaddy plesk and can't seem to get it working, does anyone have a step by step guide?
11 months ago
Does it have the correct version of .Net Core installed - have you followed the install guide ?
mickywwwerewolf wrote:
Can't seem to get it working

Can you provide more details of the problem
Here is guide for error checking
9 months ago
The latest .Net core version is not installed on the default Windows hosting services of Godaddy. You need to choose a VPS hosting plan were you can install the required .net core yourself.
9 months ago
if you install the nopCommerce setup on godday server then only ask them(customer care) to verify the correct version is installed for this nopCommerce or not.

Enable log file from web.config to verify the error occure when try to run nopCommerce setup.