decimal Seprator shows "/" instead of "."

2 weeks ago
hi everybody
i am changing PlaceOrder() function to a StoredProcedure.
there is no problem in debug mode in localhost
when i publish It in the server i have a problem with numeric Parameter

its The  localhost Parameter result

its The server Parameter result

why the decimal seprator  is "/" in the server !!!!
wondering  its "." again  when i switch back to default placeOrder()

how can i solve this Problem?
2 weeks ago
Check the custom formating, rounding and settings for the Currency are the same in both sites
2 weeks ago
This could be a 'culture' setting on the server.   (Although I'm not sure if it's the web server or SQL server, since you mention that you change code to use a stored procedure)
2 weeks ago
dear Yidna , its not because of currency setting , the localHost and server both connected to one database , and the currency setting is same for both of them.

dear NewYork , when I am passing parameter to the Sp (using dapper) error has raised.

the question is :
one parameter with one value
in Dapper is like this:(3619000/00)
in entityFrameWork  is like this :(3619000.00)
2 weeks ago
The Entity Framework provider is likely doing the translate of decimals into correct format based on culture.  Dapper is raw SQL.   Your SQL can use an explicit Format with 'invariant culture - e.g.

SELECT FORMAT(123.45, 'N', 'iv')