Hosting provider in Europe

3 weeks ago
Hi. I'm looking for an European Hosting providers to support our NopCommerce customers. Our customers are now hosted on SmarterASP. In past we used Everleap too , a bad experience.

Now it seems that SmarterASP is working well but we have problems with GDPR laws due to the fact that Privacy shield was invalidated by Europe institutions and so our customers hosted on smarterASP server in Europe are not GDPR compliance.

Do somebody knows a European hosting provider with pricing and functionalities similar to smarterASP?

Thanks in advance. M.
3 weeks ago
I'm not an expert on GPDR, but here's my two cents...
When you say "our NopCommerce customers", are you referring to your clients to whom you support/host their nopCommerce eCommerce sites, or the "customers" of a store?

SmarterASP claims to be GPDR compliant

Maybe I'm not interpreting the "Privacy Shield" correctly, but my understanding of this in regards to a hosting company like SmarterASP, is that the only 'personal data' that they may transfer from EU to US is the information about the hosting company's customer - i.e the entity which is using a hosting plan, and not the "customers" of the eCommerce site:
"Privacy Shield Frameworks were designed...  to comply with data protection requirements when transferring personal data from the European Union and Switzerland to the United States in support of transatlantic commerce".

Enforcing  GPDR for the "customers" of the eCommerce site falls upon the eCommerce store owner.
1 week ago
Hi mystones,

Take a look at They are EU provider, maybe it suits your requirement.
1 week ago
Hi thanks for your time.

I will take a look on it.

A lot of people don't know that US company are under the CLOUD ACT: the US government can force the providers to give the access to their servers even if the server are in other countries, including Europe.

Hope that this clarify my attention.
4 days ago

Perhaps we could offer a helping hand. We have our own hosting environment and are currently in the process of migrating a nopCommerce store from SmarterASP.NET to our own environment. In total we are hosting around 15-20 nopCommerce stores at the moment (from 3.60 to 4.30).

We offer a variety of services, from a shared environment to dedicated options. We only host nopCommerce stores on our servers. In terms of pricing we can't compete with SmarterASP.NET, but we can make up for that in terms of service.

Just let me know if you'd like some more information!
4 days ago
Hi Bart. Thanks for your offer.

Before using SmarterAsp, we have our own collocation in italian Hosting Provider. We are looking for services like SmarterAsp that are cheap and specialized in hosting.

I'm not really satisfied by NopCommerce recommended hoster ... for my POVS SmarterAsp in better than other but my judge is 3 star on a 5 based (frequently DDOS, unexpected crash) ecc.

It seems to me that you are not a specialized hoster, correct?
3 days ago

Correct, our core business is e-commerce development. We partner up with "Didata Automatisering", they develop ERP systems. Together we have a hosting department with the sole purpose of hosting both ERP systems (cloud) as well as nopCommerce stores.

But in comparrison to SmarterASP, there is no portal of some sort where our customers can manage their own hosting package. It's just a tailor made service that is built specifically around nopCommerce stores.