Nopcommerece vs woocommerce by Sale ?

1 month ago
I am just Starting an e Commerce business. I am a .net guy.
I like nopcommerece. I like its functionalities,  I like nopcommerece by mean of a full flash CMS, which is Free.
I prefer to use Nopcommerece over woocommerce or any else.
But,       But,          But.
I did an analysis and a research over Google in which I found that,
1. Woocommerce website is Better than nopcommerece in SEO.
2. No any nopcommerece website is Leading in any category of ecommerce.
3. Woocommerce is Leading in all categories of ecommerce.
4. Woocommerce earn more money as compared to Nopcommerece.
5. Woocommerce has light weighted Scripts which is very Liked to Google SEO, so it Ranks quickly.

So, If nopcommerece is better by functionalities but not better in Sale , then why still to use nopcommerece?

Can I have any example of website which is running in nopcommerece and made millions of dollars?

Can I have an example of a nopcommerece website which is Leading in its Category over all other competitors?

Please Answer,  Thanks.
1 month ago
You can check this.

Moreover, you can check showcase for live sites here.
1 month ago
Hi Riazux,

Thank you for using and appreciating the features of nopCommerce and for your questions.

I`m not aware of how you did your research on Google and based on what you came toward to your conclusions.

But I can say for sure that a reasonable comparison of two platforms can only be made based on the practical experience of using both platforms in different projects, and not on the basis of advertising articles on Google, where the one with the larger budget is better.

Please find the responses to your questions below:

You`re claiming: 1. “woocommerce website is Better than nopСommerce in SEO.”

This is absolutely not the case.

nopCommerce Out of the box includes all the professional tools for SEO and is ahead of most eCommerce platforms in terms of SEO capabilities. Please visit the links down below: and

In addition to that, due to the higher performance of nopCommerce sites compared to woocommerce sites, Google is specifically ranging nopCommerce sites better.

Please read the woocommerce vs nopCommerce review based on practical hands-on experience with both platforms and you can learn more about why woocommerce is so popular and what are the real differences between nopCommerce and Woocommerce:

You`re claiming:  2. “No any nopCommerce website is Leading in any category of ecommerce.”

This is absolutely not true.
For instance, you can compare the statistics on BuiltWith sites included in TOP 10к powered by nopCommerce and woocommerce and you`ll see that the number of major sites  on both nopCommerce and woocommerce platforms are the same.

You`re claiming: 3. “woocommerce is Leading in all categories of ecommerce.”

You can go through the nopCommerce Showcase and you will see that nopCommerce powers many successful and major stores in all the categories worldwide.

You`re claiming: 4. ” woocommerce earn more money as compared to nopCommerece.”

How can this tell about the quality of the platform? Do you know the earnings of woocommerce and nopCommerce? Do you have any financial statement reports? Then feel free to share =))

You`re claiming: “5. woocommerce has light weighted Scripts which is very Liked to Google SEO, so it Ranks quickly.

I have already answered the question about SEO in nopCommerce above.

So, I can conclude that nopCommerce is better in functionalities and better in sales. If you are interested in having an exellent store and you plan to expand its scale in the future, then it is better to start with nopCommerce right away so that you do not have to pay extra for migrating from WooCommerce.