nopCommerce 4.40 Roadmap Discussion

1 week ago

Its best time to start discussion about what will be in 4.4 version.

Features are ready for 4.4 :)
3753: Nivo slider - all Images are remove on change image with multi store
3659: Allow to delete previously entered addresses (during checkout)
4860: Added feature switch to have ability to have only 1 review per product from customer
Many more....

Expected in 4.4 :)
228:Implement more general way to support third-party search providers (e.g Lucene, Apache Solr, Elastic, Azure Faceted)
4980: Performance optimization for catalog many products tags
5081: Rendering of the Top Menu is too slow
8: . Automatically update order totals when editing an order (configurable) Pending from 2016 :)
5012: Can't Build NopCommerce 4.3 on MacOS
Many more....

Please vote and discuss adding these issues to NopCommerce 4.40 Roadmap.
1 week ago
Just forgot to mention important question.

What will be approx. date for 4.4 release ?
1 week ago
Jatin, thanks a lot for creation of this topic!

Dear community, please feel free to share your feedback about the planned work items. We're always open for new suggestions or for discussion.

forefront wrote:
What will be approx. date for 4.4 release?

It's January or February 2021
4 days ago
a.m. wrote:
Jatin, thanks a lot for creation of this topic!

You're welcome A.M.

Yes communities most welcome to share ideas on it.