Is Multitenant will work for store with multiple locations like store - store1 ,store2 and store 1-childstore1 ,childstore2 and store2 - substore1,sub

1 week ago
Is multi store concept will work like below example:
i have main store domain  and it has to two stores and 
and has other stores and
and has other stores  and
1 week ago
[email protected] wrote: has other stores and
You can have as many Subdomian stores as you like but they are not related in a structure as such. They are all just seperate stores

What does it mean for to have other stores and - I mean they can look the same in that they have the same or similar themes.
Anything else ?
6 days ago
Yidna, is it possible to have multiple locations within the single store and each location's inventory/sales needs to be handled separately?
Ex.: I am holding a store named acme, and the store is having multiple locations within the city.
Is it possible to configure the nopcommerce store like this?
6 days ago
You can use Warehouses for location of products and tacking inventory.   All the warehouses are global to the site (not store), so you would have to assign them appropriately.
6 days ago
I dont know if you are refering to this specific version of nopCommerce

If so, I dont know how warehouses work in this version
You may want to refer specific questions to the developer
5 days ago
Thanks, Yinda. Yes, we are referring to how the multi-tenant will work when we have a warehouse configuration. Will post our query in the Nopcommerce Multi-Tenant blogs. Thanks for your support.
5 days ago
Yinda, Just a query on how the multistore ( concept is getting different from the Multi tenant plugin.  Also does the multistore concept will keep the customers/inventory/administrators/sales/warehouse as different for each store and is not shared across the stores?

Is it possible to map the DB as like

Store, Store 1 ---> npcommerce_DB1
Store2, Store 3 ---> npcommerce_DB2
Store4, Store 5 ---> npcommerce_DB3
5 days ago
Administrator access control is not store specific.
Customers can log into any store with same credentials
Inventory is controlled only by warehouse, not store.
There is only one DB for the entire site.
5 days ago
Ok maybe we are talking about two different things
There is multi store in nopCommerce which works by default as New York has said
But there is also a seperate Multitenant version – the developers link is above
Where there are some differences (although I only use v4.0 so some things may have changed in later versions)

Yes there is only one DB for the entire site
Yes customers can only have one account per email but it is locked to a store and they can only login into the one store with those credentials
Administrator access can be store specific -  you can have a master admin but you can also have customers who can admin only the store they are assigned to
So in effect you can have two completly seperate stores running out of the one database

Re: warehouse Inventory control - as I said you need to pose this question to the developer - it may work on a store basis like some of the other features but I do not know.