Bundled product pricing issue

1 month ago
I created a bundled product using this tutorial video

I bundled twelve products as one and added a discount to the bundle product. The issue is that when the bundled product is listed in on the home page is shows a price of 0.00. The bundle prices is only shown when one navigates to the bundle detail. How can I get around this?
1 month ago
Can anyone help with this?
1 month ago
Is the main product price set to $0.00?

On the product detail page, the final price is calculated via AJAX from the attributes' price adjustment and/or the combination's overridden price, depending on how you have it setup.  On the category/home page the price is pulled from the main product's price without querying the attributes, because they can only be chosen/set from the details page.  

If you only have 1 combination or the final price with discount should always be the same, then set the main product's price equal to the combination's price (instead of $0).
1 month ago
Thanks for the reply.  I tried different combinations of product price, attribute override price and discount, but I was always ending up with some wonky value in the shopping cart.

I started from scratch, building the attributes then the attribute combination and now it is behaving as it should - I now have a bundled product with a discount.

Thanks for your help!