No Image visible after upgrade

9 months ago
Hi. I upgraded a sito to 4.20 from 3.60.
It seems that site is working well , except for the images.
The settings is always on file system.
I uploaded the images after upgrading in wwwroot/images.

Neither banner was visible and logo too.

If i look at prodcut catlaog in backoffice product are without images.

What can i do?
9 months ago
Check you website console log to verify correct location path of image. if website on test site then post link here. we can able to verify it quickly and suggest you in better way
9 months ago
Hi. thanks for your support.
This is the message in Registry that evidence the path problem.
Access to the path '......\www\FXXXXXr\content\images\thumbs\0013119_LITTLE-TOWN_70.jpeg' is denied

I know that the path indicated is used by nopcommerce old version ...
The images path used by  Nopcommerce version 4xx is ....\wwwroot\images\thumbs\....
WHere can i change this path ?