Which tax is being applied to a shipping?

1 month ago
Hi there.

Currently the ship is being taxed at 4%, and at the moment we are unable to find where it is configured.

Any guidance will be appreciated.

1 month ago
In Tax Settings, do you have "Shipping is taxable", and have you indicated a Tax Category code?  Which tax provider plugin are you using?
1 month ago
Many thanks for your quick reply.

> In Tax Settings, do you have "Shipping is taxable"

I'm afraid we don't have this option, is a quite old version, 3.5. The closest I can go is (doing on the fly translation from spanish to english):

Settings / Settings / Tax settings

And there I can't see anything that can be translated to "Shipping is taxable". Can you please guide me where I can find this option? Any chance to get the value from the database?

> and have you indicated a Tax Category code?

Where I can check it? We didn't configured the shop. Any chance to get the value from the database?

> Which tax provider plugin are you using?


Something that maybe is relevant is when I click on "Configure":


We get below error:

error CS1061: 'Nop.Plugin.Tax.CountryStateZip.Models.TaxRateListModel' does not contain a definition for 'AddShippingMethodId' and no extension method 'AddShippingMethodId' accepting a first argument of type 'Nop.Plugin.Tax.CountryStateZip.Models.TaxRateListModel' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) at System.Web.Compilation.AssemblyBuilder.Compile()...
1 month ago
I don't have an active 3.50 system available anymore, so I cant' check, but you can search in All Settings for a name contains 'tax' (or shipping) and see if anything looks like it.

If I search the code, I don't see a AddShippingMethodId anywhere.  Did you customize?
1 month ago
I had an even older system, and I noticed these in all settings:

1 month ago
Good morning.

Many thanks for your help, those are current settings:

taxsettings.shippingistaxable           False   All stores
taxsettings.shippingpriceincludestax    True    All stores
taxsettings.shippingtaxclassid          0       All stores

I will carefully play with them in order to get my desired result, which is apply 21% VAT to all the shippings.

Regarding "AddShippingMethodId" thing, which can be or not connected to this issue (maybe is the correct behaviour, by the way) I already downloaded similar plugins and looks to me something customized, but again done by 3rd party.

I will post here my results.

Thanks again for seeding some light.
1 month ago
Good morning.

It's fixed now, many thanks for your help.

I left below settings:

taxsettings.shippingistaxable           True    All stores
taxsettings.shippingpriceincludestax    True    All stores
taxsettings.shippingtaxclassid          1       All stores

I guess there's a tax class with an ID of '1' that has 21%, but I was not able to find it.

Thanks again for your time and help.

Can this post somehow be marked as resolved?
1 month ago
Hi again.

Unfortunately I was wrong, there's still applied the 4% to the shipping costs.

I tried with all possible values, from 0 to 5, to below setting:

taxsettings.shippingtaxclassid          0-5      All stores

When I try to put a 6 I get an error, so I interpret it as the only possible values are from 0 to 5.

I will keep testing, but meanwhile, any other setting that can affect the tax that is being applied to shipping?

I left here some additional settings in case that are relevant:

taxsettings.activetaxprovidersystemname  Tax.CountryStateZip  All stores  
taxsettings.allowcustomerstoselecttaxdisplaytype  False  All stores  
taxsettings.defaulttaxaddressid  206  All stores  
taxsettings.displaytaxrates  False  All stores  
taxsettings.displaytaxrates  True  La Grana  
taxsettings.displaytaxsuffix  False  All stores  
taxsettings.euvatallowvatexemption  False  All stores  
taxsettings.euvatassumevalid  false  All stores  
taxsettings.euvatassumevalid  True  La Grana  
taxsettings.euvatemailadminwhennewvatsubmitted  True  All stores  
taxsettings.euvatenabled  True  All stores  
taxsettings.euvatshopcountryid  72  All stores  
taxsettings.euvatusewebservice  False  All stores  
taxsettings.forcetaxexclusionfromordersubtotal  false  All stores  
taxsettings.hidetaxinordersummary  False  All stores  
taxsettings.hidezerotax  True  All stores  
taxsettings.paymentmethodadditionalfeeincludestax  False  All stores  
taxsettings.paymentmethodadditionalfeeistaxable  False  All stores  
taxsettings.paymentmethodadditionalfeetaxclassid  0  All stores  
taxsettings.pricesincludetax  True  All stores  
taxsettings.shippingistaxable  True  All stores  
taxsettings.shippingpriceincludestax  True  All stores  
taxsettings.shippingtaxclassid  5  All stores  
taxsettings.taxbasedon  ShippingAddress  All stores  
taxsettings.taxdisplaytype  IncludingTax  All stores
1 month ago
Hi again.

My bad, the error was caused because I accidentally logged out.

I will keep increasing the "taxsettings.shippingtaxclassid" value and report here if there's any change.

Anyway if there's any other path to explore I will be happy to listen to it.

1 month ago
Hi there.


* I'm able to change the price if I:

a) Below variables are set to 'True':


b) I change below variable


c) I restart the application (very important, without it no change takes effect)

Unfortunately I get values even lower than the original, so I'm still lost.

Chances are that the plugin 'FixedOrByCountryStateZip' is broken:

taxsettings.activetaxprovidersystemname  Tax.FixedOrByCountryStateZip

Any help will be appreciated.