I have a question about lists

1 month ago
For example, my current list is the second page. I select a column of data from the list and click the details page. When I return to the list, it can still be the second page. The current return is the default first page. How should I modify the code? Which master has achieved it? Want to ask the next train of thought, thank you!!!
1 month ago
What "list" are you referring to?  (the results of an Advanced Search?)
1 month ago
In the background management, for example, 10 pages of data are found in the product module. I click on the product details in the third page, and when I return, the list can still be found on the third page
1 month ago
I believe you're referring to the DataTables lists in the Admin.  To retain the initial view you need to make use of the "stateSave" function:

It's not trivial, but here is a basic how-to:
1 month ago
1010636858 wrote:
How should I modify the code?

About the code already mentioned @af1racing
You may start using browsers tabs. I know, that is not what you were asking, but available by default at any modern browser and available without any customization.

1 month ago
Thank you for your reply. This is really the quickest solution