Importing CSV generated from Shopify

8 months ago
I am running a new install of nopCommerce v4.3

I have exported to csv my shopify products for import to the new nopCommerce site.

1. The exported CSV has column 'Vendor' which would map to the 'Manufacturer.Name' column on the database. Do I simply name the column to 'Manufacturer.Name' to import here? As the documentation seems a little sparse on this.

2. Is the URL handle stored anywhere in the nopCommerce Db? As I have a column 'Handle' (which is basically hyphenating the name field as nop would do).

3. Do I need to remove any invalid CSV fields or will nop just ignore them?

4. I have a tag field which in itself is a sub CSV can nop read these in?
8 months ago
It's generally recommended to export 1 product from nopCommerce so you can see the headers it will use in the excel file, then map your import accordingly.