Nop 4.3 Application Restarting every 30 seconds

2 days ago
My website is slow. In my logs I see that the application is constantly restarting every 30-60 seconds. I use a VPS on interserver for my website.  It isn't giving any detail other than Application is Starting

In my iis logs I just see an IIS ASPNETCOREMODULEv2
Application '/LM/W3SVC/9/ROOT' with physical root shut down process with Id '1872' listening on port '44450'
   Process Id: 5088.
   File Version: 13.1.20268.9. Description: IIS ASP.NET Core Module V2 Request Handler. Commit: d12868dd7c10ff0433c16b06d3b59d03c40d987a

Has anyone ran into this issue before for NOP 4.3? If so how did you solve the issue?
2 days ago
How much memory do you have?
1 day ago
I fixed it. It was an issue with mod security on my iis server.

I had to set it to "detect only" so hopefully someone that faces the same can look here and try this fix