nopCommerce roadmap 2021 (help us to help you)

1 year ago
Dear community!

As a part of our ongoing efforts to make nopCommerce better we need a little help from you.

We're currently working on our development roadmap for 2021. This roadmap will include tasks for the next two versions of nopCommerce - 4.40 and 4.50.

We call on everyone in our community to share your thoughts and insights. Your feedback is valuable to us. It will allow us to understand what matters the most to you - what functionality you need, what you want us to improve, and what our team should focus on.

Please complete our survey here. This survey is super quick (4 questions only) and will help us continue improving nopCommerce to serve YOU better!


Thanks a lot to all our users who continue to shape our development roadmap! Your feedback makes us better!

UPDATE: Thanks everyone. The survey is closed now
1 year ago
Always happy to help!

Already took the survey :) Wish you and the team all the best for upcoming versions.

Best regards,
1 year ago
Done from mine side.

Best regards,
Sangeet Shah
1 year ago
Great Team.
Thank you Team, Thanks Andrei so much.
(wait update to .net 5.0 and more)
1 year ago
Hi, 'nopCommerce Team'. Happy to collaborate on this great .NET project.

Best Regards
1 year ago
Hi. Done.

I forgot one more thing.

I think it's be good solution to add in blog option like "author", who should have:
Short description

We should can check all posts via author.
1 year ago
I think inbuilt support for India GST TAX will be very much appreciated
1 year ago
forgot one thing,  it would be nice to have a feature to

- delete all data up to a certain time, e.g all orders before 01-JAN-2019, I mean data in all associated tables, like orders, shipments, rewardpointshistory, (and all the many other relational datatables) so the database stays clean and consistent, as if the orders never happened

- to be able to do delete all the customers who have not placed any orders or have not logged in for a certain time.  (I mean not just mark the customer as deleted, but actually erase them and all associated data, like their addresses, orders, shipments, track of all activity, privatemessages, emails, etc.  so the database stays clean)

- or as a manual SQL script option:  allow to move/export ONLY the following data into a clean install:
A.  all the products ONLY   without customers
B.  all the customers ONLY   optionally with / without / from a date order history
or the combination of the above

We just installed 4.30 with a huge database converted already 4-5 times since version 1.9 back dated way back from 2011, I was wondering how long I am going to carry those gigabytes of useless data that is not only bulky, slows down the system but also against the GDPR rules and common sense to keep them for another 10 years)
Thank you for considering this.
1 year ago
done with the survey.
1 year ago