Add possibility to Copy Discount

1 month ago
Hi! we actual create similar discounts on black week. Same date / name / conditions / etc. itp.

Only change rule about cart summary + % of discount.
5% if 50$
10% if your cart bigger than 100$
15% if bigger than 150% etc. etc.

Now we need to click many times to create similar discounts. Maybe you can add there option like: "copy discount"? Then create siliar discount start be really fast.
4 weeks ago
Dears nocommerce, this is a very important feature i second that request  as well, it should be easy to copy a discount and auto generate discount codes in case you will be sending out discount codes, iam really interested in your system but this feature may push some people away
4 weeks ago
It does not look like they are going to do the code generator.  Read the last update in the issue here

However, I don't see that plugin anymore.  It may still exist on the vendor site (and they decided it no longer was worth paying to 'advertise' it in the marketplace).
3 weeks ago
looking at other e-commerce systems such as magento or wcommerce ,the ability to copy/duplicate a discount code should be built it, imagine wanting to create 100 discount code with rules, you will need to recreate everything for each one which is really manual work and takes times especially if your server specs are not great and it loads slowly instead of 10-30 minute work you will need 2 or 3 days
3 weeks ago
If applying discount to order total or subtotal and not using any requirement rules, you can probably use SQL to duplicate your discount (with unique coupon codes).
3 weeks ago
dear, the point here is for business users it should be part of admin interface to easily do that, in my case there are hundreds  of codes that should be unique and have rules , so doing one by one is a hassle , i think this should be something the Dev team should put as priority as it may not require much effort and is needed and good feature to have
2 weeks ago

Please contact my PM Janus Pedersen <[email protected]> , we have made a plugin for this.