The plugin for Selling Spare Parts

11 months ago
Plugin adds the new page with the 5 levels of filtration and your customers can find spare parts very fast.
You can create  four level of filtration:
Year: 2020, 2019, ...
Brand: Toyota, Audi, Opel, Ford, ...
Model: Totota Rav4, Opel Candy, Toyota Camry, Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra, Honda Civic, Opel Astra, ...
Engine: 1.9 TDI, 1.6 MPI, ....

Each level of filtration depends from the parent level.
The customer chooses the brand 'Toyota' and sees all models from Toyota, the customer chooses the model  'Camry' and he sees all possible versions.

1. On the product (spare part) page, you can see which models (machines) fit this product
2. Nopcommerce has a page for quickly finding parts for your vehicle
3. Each level of filtration depends from the parent level
4. Configure the 5 levels of filtration, you can use less levels of filtration
5. Import/export levels of filtration from/to CSV files

Not registered version is fully operational. It has only one limitation - trial version has only 25 spare parts. It's enough for small stores or for testing.

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Compatible with NopCommerce 4.20, 4.30 and never.
3 months ago
Added support nop 4.40.