Pages require hard refresh page to display changes

1 week ago

I have a big problem in my store (nopCommerce version 4.20).

This problem occurs when I update the price of store products. Or when a user adds products to their cart.

In fact, after updating the price of my products, I empty the cache and even restart the application. But users can view previous product prices by selecting a category from the menu. On the other hand, if they click on a product, they will see a new price on the product page.
It seems that the prices of products are still cheche in category page. But if the user empties his browser cache or updates the whole page with (Shift + F5) he will see new prices on the category page.

Also, when a customer adds a product to their shopping cart, by clicking on "Go to shopping cart", customer will see the message "Your shopping cart is empty". However, if the customer refreshes their browser, the products will be displayed in the cart. This problem is more common in users with mobile browsers.

Does anyone have an idea?
Is there any caching in views?

thanks' in advance
1 week ago
Do you have a web farm?
1 week ago
No, it is hosted in shared hosting.
1 week ago
Can you post website url here so we test? which mobile browser you facing this issue?
1 week ago
Yes, this is url:
The stroe is selling medical equipments.
1 week ago
I have faced with empty card by samsung default browser.
But by many mobile browsers and desktop browsers our customers see old price in product category.