Payment SuccessUrl/RouteUrl/cancel_url in the wrong language

1 week ago
Does someone know why Nop includes wrong the language in the URL i?

I have configured 2 languages and SEO friendly URLs. (restarted and cleared the cache may times)
When I do the shopping in the German language the URL is like
When I return from the checkout it redirects to the English "en" SEO URL and the languages switched to English.

I saw that "en" is included in request regarding the payment provider.

Does someone has any ideas?
Manx thanks.
1 week ago
This issue  is my plugin only for Linux.
has this value "de"
urlHelper.RouteUrl(nameof(Product), new { SeName = "test"})
has this value "en/test".

Windows doesn't have such issue.
1 week ago
I have solved this issue.
I created URLs from the POST request without language suffix.  
I need to use this commad
urlHelper.RouteUrl(nameof(Product), new { SeName = "test", language = _workContext.WorkingLanguage.UniqueSeoCode})

Close this ticket.
1 week ago
Thank you so much for your fast response time and great support. It's really a please to work with you!

It is working correctly in both languages.    :-)