Local plugin list empty when using another language

1 month ago

I'm currently evaluation nopCommerce for future project.

I noticed that when I use another language, the local plugin list is always empty (even are recompiling plugins and deleting bin folder as suggested in may other post).

I was able to fix it by restoring English language but that's a quick and dirty workaround since my site will be in both languages.

My setup:
- nopCommerce 4.30
- language: French (English installed but unpublished)
- OS: Debian Buster 10
- SQL server: Maria DB 10.3.27
1 month ago
There was a bug fix in github for that
See https://github.com/nopSolutions/nopCommerce/issues/5011
1 month ago
Thanks Yidna, seems to work on my local environment