Update category of existing items from own DB to our NopE-shop

1 month ago
Im looking for any tips or suggestions regarding a small "problem" that we have in our e-shop.
We want to update the category of the product eg. accessories -> knives but we cant find the field in our database. We know its something called "Category" when we did an export of a single item from nopCommerce but we still cant find it. We are using FileMakerPro 19 incase it helps. The rest regarding "Name" "Price" "Stock" are working just fine.
Thank you in advance to anyone who can help us out.
1 month ago
There is another table
and a table that maps the product and category called
Id  CategoryId  ProductId  IsFeaturedProduct  DisplayOrder
1 month ago
Dear Yidna,
Thank you for your answer, unfortunately we cant find any filed with that name, our ODBC finds only one database from NopCommerce but nothing has the "category" in its name. We also checked remotely through FileZilla in our host and didnt find anything there.