Add restrictions to Gift Cards

4 days ago
I want to be able to offer a coupon for an amount of money but restrict it to a specific category.

I know that you can do this with discounts but the money offered will be a large sum (e.g 1000) that will need to be spread over several purchases.

Any other recommendations or plugins that can work around this issue would be appreciated if it's not possible in nopcommerce.
4 days ago
Maybe you can use Reward Points which has a "Maximum reward points to use per order" field
3 days ago
@New York,

I like this idea but still cannot see how I can apply category restrictions to points.

Is this possible?
3 days ago
It would require customization.

(How about issuing multiple coupons each for smaller amount? ;)
3 days ago
Thanks for the suggestion.

I have decided to issue a one time discount voucher.
I will then issue the user with a new voucher if any money remains after they order.