Upgraded from Nop 4.2 to nop 4.3

8 months ago

We recently upgrade our 4.2 site with the following specs to 4.3. Prior to the upgrade we were seeing a frequent "We're sorry and internal server error has occurred..." message due to SQL timeout errors on Product list and detail pages most frequently. After the upgrade, we no longer get this error, but those same pages seem to load even slower on and have a TTFB (Time to first byte) that is often greater than 5 seconds and sometimes more. The site is not highly trafficked and I was wondering if anyone with similar product specs (*below) has experienced this type of slow page rendering?

Hostwinds hosting on a Windows Server 2016 16 GB, IIS 10

test site: https://scrubauthority.com/

production site: http://test.scrubauthority.com/

1,463 products (Each with numerous images), 853 Categories,  34 Manufacturers, 4,759 attributes.
8 months ago
See https://www.nopcommerce.com/en/common-tips-settings-recommendations-to-optimize-performance-in-nopcommerce