New order number system, without + 1 ?

1 month ago
Hi! now nopcommerce have easy order system + 1 pcs, for next order.

We can set few different way, but always system is +1.

Why this is wrong? all our competitors can make order first day of month, and one on last day of month and know how many orders we have...

Maybe it's not a problem to make orders / give possibility to "random" numbers / letters and order "numbers" like: HYTS1H, or TYHDGF Then nobody can check how many orders we have?

Edit: Of course it's could be  only number systems, but not +1, but rando.
1 month ago
There is an ability to have a custom order number.  In Order > Settings, there is a field "Order number mask".  The out-of-the-box supported placeholders are:

Otherwise, a developer can put any logic in the "GenerateOrderCustomNumber" method of \Nop.Services\Orders\CustomNumberFormatter.cs  (or create a plugin that overrides that method)
2 weeks ago