nopCommerce & Akismet spam protection!

2 weeks ago
So, for years I've used Akismet spam protection on on all of my Umbraco sites (Contact forms - I get zero spam!), and today, I thought about integrating it with nopCommerce.

Works a treat :) I'm considering developing a plugin, so that it can be used on the contact form, reviews, blog/news comments, forum etc.

Or, if the team would like, I could do develop into the source, and do a full pull request?

Example here:
2 weeks ago
Done, although I now need to enable it for the other pages!

We send the users IP, Full Name, Email, and the enquiry to Akismet, and they check and return if it's spam or not.

@a.m. @RomanovM would you like me to create a pull once I've enabled it for the other 'forms'?
2 weeks ago
Thanks for the suggestion.
I don't think we'll be adding these changes in the core. It looks like a great idea for the third-party plugin.
2 weeks ago

May be you can create a plugin and post it on GitHub as well as extensions directory at nopCommerce.