Creating categories for my manufacturers

1 month ago
I would like create categories for my manufacturers. I can't belive this is not a standard feature or at least not evident for me to see. For example, let's say the manufacturer is Apple and I want to create categories for Apple only such as,
- iPhones
- Smart watches
- iPads
- Computers
- Apps
- Cloud Services

So when you go to Apple as the manufacturer, you would see all these categories like you would see subcategories.

I did a work around where I created a category with subcategories. I then did a URL redirect from the manufacturer to the Category. So now it looks like my manufacturer has categories.

I just think this is not the way to do it. If there's a plugin, I'll buy it but this is a common sense aplication and it should come this way out of the box.
1 month ago
It’s never really been an issue for any of my clients, but yes, it would be a nice addition.

You could always use specification attributes to allow customers to filter?

Have a look at this site, then view any manufacturer (find the main list in the footer) - Addidas would be a good example.