2 weeks ago
can someone tell me how to change breadcrumbs positions, and where ?
2 weeks ago
The Breadcomb Partial view
is included in the product template, for example
Although if you have a theme installed then you may need to look at the theme templates instead
1 week ago
I have changed breadcrumb delimiter from "\" to ">>" in "InstallationService.cs" file under Nop.Services. After changing this I have build my project and have copied the "Nop.Services.dll" to Nop.web. But no changes happen on category page. Anyone can help me regarding this?
4 days ago
[email protected] wrote:

If you want to change a delimiter in the existing store, then please go to admin area > configuration > settings > all settings. Find the "commonsettings.breadcrumbdelimiter" setting and change its value
4 days ago
Thank you so much A.M