Multi-store on localhost

1 week ago
Hi All,

Just starting working with nopCommerce. I am trying to setup multi-store on localhost for development. So far I have:

1. Updated Windows hosts file to include:       storehost1       storehost2

2. Updated nopCommerce Configuration | Stores  as follows:
    Store name  Store URL          Company Name
    Store Host 1  https://storehost1:5001/    Store Host 1
    Store Host 2  https://storehost2:5001/    Store Host 2

3. Configured Visual Studio to launch using 'Nop.Web' rather than 'IIS Express'.

When I launch the application I can successfully navigate to either store URL, but it always shows the same company name.

Any help appreciated.
1 week ago
I found the answer here;

For each store, I also needed to set the HOSTS entry in Admin | Configuration | Store. So updated settings are:

    Store name    Store URL    Company Name    HOST values
    Store Host 1    https://storehost1:5001/    Store Host 1    storehost1:5001
    Store Host 2    https://storehost2:5001/    Store Host 2    storehost2:5001

I can then customise each store within "Admin | Configuration | Setting | General Settings" using the "Multi-store configuration for" drop down.

Hope this helps someone.