API NOP 4.40.3

6 days ago
NopCommerce standard have webservices (if there is a documentation or swagger ??) or is it possible to find a plugin (possibly free) for version 4.40.3 ??

I tried this
but not recognized as a plugin by nopcommerce ... has anyone tested it with 4.40.3 ??

thank you
6 days ago
Just want to say that nopcommerce team plans to release a web API plugin for 4.40.X within the next couple of weeks.
5 days ago
Is there an official release timing announcement?
5 days ago
The first half of August
5 days ago
POST / PUT / DELETE method will be available for:
Products, Prod-Categories, Prod-Attributes, Prod-Picture, Prod-Prod-Manufacturer, Prod-Tag, Vendor?
5 days ago
Yes. It'll cover all (!) methods and services in nopCommerce
4 days ago
Could you notify me as soon as the api are released? Furthermore, will the plugin be downloadable individually or will it be part of the new nopcommerce package?

Thank you !
3 days ago
It'll be a paid plugin (downloadable individually)