Page not found error after SSL install

5 days ago
Hello All,

I have just completed a new install of NopCommerce on my server.

I have made no configuration changes apart from setting up a store with a URL.

Initially the home page loaded correctly so I went ahead and configured SSL.

Now when entering the site URL or clicking on the logo to go to the home page, it redirects to page-not-found. apart from this, the site functions. Backing out SSL does not seem to resolve the problem.

Entering results in page-not-found.
Entering results in the home page being shown.

Common sense tells me that the default web page is not set correctly but I do not know if or where this can be changed.

Thank you in advance
5 days ago works fine here
Google Chrome does some crazy things when you play with SSL on a site
5 days ago
Hello Yidna,

Thank you for the prompt post!

You are correct! I just tested on Mozilla and it works fine. I tested on Edge and Chrome and was getting the same (page-not-found) result.

Thanks once again,

5 days ago
In chrome, you can first try Ctrl-F5 (also,  try incognito browser), but ultimately you may need to clear your cache/cookies.