nopCommerce 4.3 to 4.4 Add Scheduled Task - No constructor was found that had all the dependencies satisfied.

2 months ago
I'm moving from 4.3 to 4.4. I have a Scheduled Task that I've  added successfully in 4.3, but with 4.4 I get the 'No constructor was found that had all the dependencies satisfied' error message when I try and run the task.

I've tried to find where the other Scheduled Tasks get registered with no success.

Searching current Forums and Documentation I can find any tips to try.


2 months ago
Here is a code snipit to create a schedule task in v4.4
2 months ago

My scheduled service was not registered properly in 4.4.

My custom service, Nop.Services.DMFServices needed to be added to:


The entry is:
  services.AddScoped<IDMFService, DMFService>();

With this registration, all works well.

This registration was quite different than nopCommerce 4.3.

Hope this helps you save some time :)