Plugin code not being updated unless I restart entire solution

1 month ago
I have a plugin project called "Nop.Plugin.Payments.MyPaymentMethod"
My plugin calls the method PostProcessPayment() upon checking out.
In this method, I have Console.WriteLine("This should be working now 1").
When I changed this to "This should be working now 2" and rebuild the project, the original message ("This should be working now 1") is output to the console instead.
When I restart/rebuild the whole NopCommerce solution in the debugger, my new message is output.

Is it possible to update my code without needing to restart my solution? It takes a long time and it's a pain to check to make sure each new change works as expected.
1 month ago
You need to build only your payment plugins instead of entire solution
also unload other plugins.
this will save some of your time
3 weeks ago
Thanks for suggestion.
I rebuild my project in /nop/Plugins/ each time I make a change, and my DLLs get output in Presentation/Nop.Web/Plugins

So I do have to restart the Nop project each time I want to test a change? That just seems like a total hassle. On my 2015 MacBook Pro it takes ~2 minutes to restart the debugger
3 weeks ago
If you are changing code - somethings VS will let you change on the fly
Check your settings VS Debugging Options - ensure you have Edit and Continue clicked

For the any .cshtml changes you can change the Nop.Web/Plugins files test which still running the debugger - just need to refresh
Make sure you copy any changes back to the plugin source code directory