Custom Plugin not showing under admin Local Plugins

2 months ago
I created a custom plugin with nopcommerce version 4.4. I follow all the steps  but plugin is not showing up under local plugins of admin. The plugin source code is under root plugins folder and on build it successfully published under Nop.web>> plugin>> my plugin name.

I did the following steps to fixed it.

1) Reload Plugins.
2)Restart Application.
3)Clear cache.
2 months ago
Check the System Log to see any if any errors.
What type of plugin did you create - what Interfaces are you inheriting?
2 months ago
I am creating  url Rediect plugin. I event tried to add test plugin with nothing logic in it.  I also tried to copy the another build in plugin source code it not working. there is no error under logs. the class inherited from BasePlugin.
2 months ago
Of course you have checked that the plugin supported versions in the pluigns.json file matches the nopCommerce version ?
i.e.    "SupportedVersions": [ "4.40" ],

The best way to make a plugin is to copy an existing similar plugin and rename
2 months ago
Yes sir, I setup the supported version to 4.40 and also copied each and every thing form plugin source code but  my plugin under admin local plugin not shows up. here is my plugin.json code

  "Group": "Url Redirect",
  "FriendlyName": "Url Redirect",
  "SystemName": "Url.Redirect",
  "Version": "1.25",
  "SupportedVersions": [ "4.40" ],
  "Author": "nopCommerce team",
  "DisplayOrder": 1,
  "FileName": "Nop.Plugin.Url.Redirect.dll",
  "Description": "This plugin offers url rediercts"
2 months ago
You have a file called Nop.Plugin.Url.Redirect.dll in the directory
2 months ago
Yes sir, I have file at location Nop.Web\Plugins\Nop.Plugin.RedirectUrl
2 months ago
zabi wrote:

Is not standard - normally would be Nop.Web\Plugins\Url.Redirect\
Maybe try and rename the directory see what happens
2 months ago
Sir, all other plugins also have this structure like if we  see the plugin after build its have Nop.Plugin.Shipping.UPS.dll at location Nop.Web\Plugins\Shipping.UPS and Nop.Web\Plugins\Shipping.UPS\ref.
2 months ago
If you are developing under VS, then by convention, the source code / project would be e.g.
then you have your project's Properties > Build > Output path be

Then after you build, you should find your .dll, etc. in folder