Nop 3.9 Views/OrderSummary.cshtml not updating anything on cart

1 week ago
On Views/cart.cshtml included a partial view OrderSummary
<div class="page-body prabir">
        @Html.Partial("OrderSummary", Model)

I believe Partial view for above is Views/OrderSummary.cshtml  but
when I update anything on Views/Cart.cshtml it is working but not from the Views/OrderSummary.cshtml

Any help would be much appreciated and thanks in advanced  

1 week ago
File is Views\ShoppingCart\OrderSummary.cshtml

Do you have a Theme installed ?
If so then it may be calling an equivalent file from the Themes directory instead of the one you are modifying
1 week ago
Hi Yidna
Thank you very much for your help. You are right , there is a Theme installed and summary coming from there .

Thanks again