Changing Product attributes should not only change prices

1 month ago
I think the product attribute feature is too much limited on prices, it better should also be able to change different atrributes, or it should be able to switch to a different product.
Let me explain my business case:
My product is a smartphone, with different colors and different RAM.  Each of this expressions is a complete own product with a specific GTIN (formerly EAN) number. With the current logic, we have to define a product for each configuration. This will be not conveniant for the customer experience.  
So my idea is to be able to switch complete products on changes to attributes (with the advantage, that if you switch the color, you can display the relevant product with all related images, which is currently not possible + all the attributes and fields that are defined for this product. As with the current version it is not possible, to display a set of pictures when changing the color of the product).
Or if this is to complicated, it should be possible to define combined attributes and fields  an change their values. I hope that this proposals will be discussed and implemented, because it will make NopCommerce a lot more flexible!
1 month ago
Just want to know if you tried Product Attribute combinations.
It might serve your requirement up to some level not fully.