Use of icons above Description box

11 years ago
From where are images added when you click the image button (the one with mountains and sun)? And how do you put the images there so the image button can make them appear? (My site is hosted by go daddy, if that makes a difference.) For those of us less savvy in websites, it would help to have a little explanation of each icon, or at least a reference to somewhere you could go to get such info. Thanks!
11 years ago
This is how i get fck editor to work properly.

create a new folder on the root of your app and call it: userfiles

make sure this folder has full write permissions on it.

then with in userfiles add another folder called image.

this is where the images will be saved.

now you need to edit the web.config

     <add key="FCKeditor:UserFilesPath" value="~/userfiles/"/>

and then fckeditor/editor/filemanager/connectors/aspx/config.ascx :

UserFilesPath = "~/userfiles/";

please let me know if this helps you.

11 years ago
Hi there Mike,

I have tried the methid you mentioned, however i am still getting nothing appearing in either explorer or firefox browsers.
Just wondered do i have to put the images required in the 'image' folder if so where do i get them from?


(not too crash hot with FCK Editor!)
11 years ago

if you follow the above instructions it should work. What you could do is set the absolute UserFilesAbsolutePath = ""; in fckeditor config file.

What you need todo is open fckeditor and click on the image icon, then you click browse server and upload a file to your web server.